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Regroovable has nine cuts  that borrow from world beat influences to rock-n-roll.  Numerous instruments  were involved in the making of this disc (grand piano, guitars, drums, congas, timbales, djembe, rain stick, synthesizers, vibes and voice) and this CD was recorded using a 24 track tape method which gives it a warm, full sound.  Below are samples and freebies of songs from the 9 song  REGROOVABLE cd.  

SAMPLES    ( you'll need an MP3 player to listen to  these samples  click  Download RealPlayer One     if you need a player)

Sample: Ska Meister.mp3

Sample: Make it With Your Neighbor.mp3

Sample: We Hold Tight.mp3

Sample: Hipmotizer.mp3

Sample: Cassandra.mp3

Sample: Sungo.mp3

FREEBIES ( you'll need an MP3 player to listen to these songs  -  click Download RealPlayer One   if you need a player)

download whole song: Skameister.mp3

download whole song: Make it with your neighbor.mp3

download whole song: We Hold Tight.mp3

download whole song: Hipmotizer.mp3

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